Pharmacy Place

Pharmacy Plus, for good health and more

PharmacyPlace is brought to you by the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand – a membership organisation providing support and services to community pharmacy owners. 

PharmacyPlace is your trusted New Zealand source of health information, pharmacy business information and pharmacy products online.  

Easily find information about, and the location and opening hours of your closest pharmacy by browsing our member pharmacy listings. 

As we grow the site, PharmacyPlace will include products from pharmacies all over New Zealand. Whether you are looking for common cold remedies, pain relief, first aid, skin care, allergy relief, health supplements and vitamins, or you would like to quit smoking, you can browse our extensive range of pharmacy products online and find your nearest pharmacy stocking those products. It's then up to you whether you would like to buy your health products online or visit your local pharmacy to speak to a pharmacist.  

More than just health products

Often pharmacies provide more than just health products – many pharmacies incorporate a gift store or beauty essentials for example. PharmacyPlace is all-encompassing and will allow you to browse and buy a range of products from your local pharmacy. Keep visiting the site to see the product range grow.